Hi all.

I'm really new to Identity Manager, and I'm trying to make a simple
project to see how it's supposed to work. To do it, I install all that I
need in a Windows 2008 R2 (AD, iManager, Designer and the Identity

To do my first tests I start by adding one user to the Identity Vault
and one other user to AD to see if I could sync then. This is the staps
I did in order to synchronize this two accounts :

- using iManager, I created a user A in the Identity Vault (under
- using AD I created a user B (under CN=Users,DC=mydomain,DC=com)

Then I open the Designer and I did the following steps :

- I imported my Identity Vault (under outline, live/import)
- then I created a AD driver (basically with the default settings and
filter polices)

Normally all is working, when I click the driver and select "see driver
status" I get Active Directory driver is running on <myserver>, and
seeing with iManager I got the driver with the "green light", that
supposedly says that the driver is OK.

I would like to know how to tell if my configuration is working, since I
check both my Vault and my AD (with Apache Directory Studio) and my two
users - A and B - doesn't get replicated, A to AD and B to the Identity
Vault (I would like to have both users in both directories).

Does I need to do something to start the synchronization? If not, where
could I check to get some logs to try to identify the problem? I already
checked DSTrace but nothing there indicates where to start looking, I
have just an error that says "DSARead failled, no such attribute
(-603)", but nothing else...

I hope I was able to explain my problem, and I would really use a help
from you...

Thanks in advance,

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