This is running on Designer 4.5. What is happening is when I go to
check in a project, a few of the ReadMe files down in this folder...

C:\Users\username\designer_workspace45\projectname \Model\Project\FZY4E175\H2MX7GXO\7DCTFSM0\R81ZRF5B

....are failing to check in because of inconsistent line terminations.
The error message specifically blames opening the file in windows and
linux, but nobody has ever opened them on this computer, so that is the
way they came.

There are a number of readme files in there, with cryptic names, that
appear to be package readme files. I did open every readme file in that
folder with PSPad, converted them to DOS format (CR/LF) and saved them.
That seems to have worked. Someone needs to alert the package packagers
to be consistent with their line terminations. SVN does not like the

This project is a complete 4.5 projects from the start.

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