I noticed the PCRS policies re-write the group entitlement in the latest
versions and modify the query from:
<query class-name="Group" scope="subtree">
<query class-name="Group" event-id="ENTITLEMENT:Group" scope="subtree">

This allows the polices to tag the query and process in OTP and ITP as

I have a custom entitlement where I defined it in Designer, made the
change in XML View of adding an event-id value.


Looks like it saved.

Close the Entitlement object open it again and the event-id is gone.

But it does not happen in the group case: Entitlment XML is:
<entitlement conflict-resolution="priority" description="Location Based
group entitlement" display-name="LocationGroup">
<values multi-valued="true">
<nds dtdversion="2.0">
<query class-name="domain" scope="subtree">
<search-class class-name="domain"/>
<read-attr attr-name="Description"/>
<token-attr attr-name="Description"/>

I want to change the line:

<query class-name="domain" scope="subtree">


<query class-name="domain" event-id="TEST" scope="subtree">

so my policies can detect this type of query and pre/post process it.

I could use op-data to tage it, but since PCRS is using this approach I
wanted too as well. I think this is a Designer bug?

Since I never pushed this to the tree, and it resets my custom
entitlement but not Group? Wazzup with that?