Hi all,

I am trying to get the beginning part of an email address that will be
formatted like [something]@company.com, and then use that as the CN for
the object created in my Vault.

I am using the AD driver to pull users into the Vault that I will then
push to an external groupwise PO so that I can create them as
contacts... the GW part is working fine, the problem is the email
standard used does not follow through to all users...
some are firstname.lastname@company.com; some are
SamAccountName@company.com and so it goes...

So Now I need to pull out the 1st part and then use that as the CN for
the Vault object I will create...

I have tried to use the Substring verb on the source attribute "mail"
with something like:
substring start = -1 length = -13
e.g. bobbyb@company.com
length of string = 18
therefore 18 + (-13) + 1 = 6 which should give me "bobbyb" correct??

which should then give me the 1st part of any string like the example

Does this sound right? It does not seem to be working for me...

Here is my trace:
'Download trace.txt for free on uploading.com'

Thanks in advance

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