Running IDM 3.6 on OES2 Linux Box.

Intent: Synchronize objects and passwords form eDir to AD.

IDM server recently experienced a hard crashed due to power related
events. After bringing the server back up, object and password
synchronization was broken. The drivers became corrupted and would not
start due to some missing/corrupted driver configs.

Person who built the drivers is no longer with the organization and so
an attempt is being made to create new drivers. So far I have created
both drivers using the same connector settings. Copied the filter
settings from the old drivers. Drivers start up fine and seem to connect
to the remote loaders just fine.

Though, for some reason, the drivers are not associated with any
objects. How does one associate the drivers to the objects to be
synchronized? I can see how to manually associate a single user to a
driver using the modify object tool in IDM, but not sure that it is the
ideal way. I am unable to find a clear answer in the documentation that
defines this.

Please advise.


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