Hi all,

I am getting an error in the following case:
A user is created in company\Test\ called test11112203 that is then
created in GroupWise by IDM with the email address
The a new user is created in company\PTA\ test11112203 that should then
also have the email address test11112203@company.com, but GroupWise then
kicks off an error.
This is the error message from the trace, I do not think the whole
trace is required as the problem is pretty obvious.

14:30:32 47D28940 Drvrs: GroupWise Driver ST:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \company_1\company\PTA\Services\DriverSet\GroupWis e Driver
Channel: Subscriber
Object: \company_1\company\PTA\Users\test11112203
Status: Error
Message: <code>javax.naming.directory.AttributeInUseExcepti on: An error
occurred modifying an attribute value. The email address
"test11112203@company.co.za" is already being used by
test11112203.CMTSDBPO.CMTSDB (0xDB57); remaining name
<description>GroupWise Error</description>

How can I solve this??
How do I check if the email address already exists and then add a
number to the end of the first part of the email address? i.e.

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