I am trying to synchronize multivalued attributes (ie.
DirXML-Associations,DirXML-EntitlementRef etc) to an MSSQL database.
I had a detailed study on the JDBC driver doc and arrived at 2 possible

1. Using a child table for each multi-valued attribute.
2. Forming a delimited string and directly updating the parent table

When I was about to choose the 1st method as the solution, I found this
in the doc:

"Large binary and string data types should usually be mapped to parent
table columns. To map to a child table column, data types must be
comparable in SQL statements. Large data types usually cannot be
compared in SQL statements.

Large binary and string data types can be mapped to child table columns
if the following occur:

1. Each <remove-value> event on these types is transformed in a
policy into a <remove-all-values>element

2. An <add-value> element follows each <remove-value> event"

DirXML-Associations is definitely a large string data.

Can I go for the child table method? And I am quite confused regarding
the 2 points which are mentioned in the document.

My requirement is that If a user has 5 associations initially and one
among them is removed, he should now have 4 in IDM and I wanted it to be
reflected properly in the database as well.

Please suggest me the best solution.

Thanks in Advance.

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