I can successfully call a Java class from a rule which is sending data
to an authenticated HTTP connection but I'm concerned about the
performance of setting-up and tearing-down the HTTP connection every

I'd like to have an initialise() method on my class which sets up a
static Connection member within the Java class. My understanding is that
once the class is loaded by the DirXML engine, it will stay in memory
for the lifetime of eDirectory's java instance. I can call this
initialise method from a rule and pass it the connection details from
GCVs, but this initialise method only needs called once at startup. This
could either be when the DirXML engine starts up, or it could be within
a Loopback Driver specifically for this task.

1. Is this a valid pattern for DirXML? I'm concerned that since I can't
find the answer that no one's done it before for a reason.
2. Is there a point where rules or policies can be executed
automatically on startup? Catching a "global engine startup" event of
some kind?



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