Running LDAP Driver 3.5.1 (not sure of specific version but the LDAPShim.jar is dated 1/30/2008, so it's an old and faithful one) Still on Netware 6.5 SP8.

I restarted the LDAP driver this morning because it had stopped on me. This is not the first time I have had to restart it recently. However, after this restart, I began noticing old information appearing in eDirectory.... Basically the restart caused the Driver to begin at the beginning of the LDAP changelog making changes from 2008 when the system was first configured.

I noticed that the last known Good changelog entry processed by the driver prior to the restart this morning was 9,991,115 which is close enough to 10,000,000 to make me wonder if there is a limit to the size of the Changelog. Have I fallen victim to a max variable size, or is this more along the lines of The issue addressed in
IDM 3.5.1 LDAP driver Patch 2 (ie. Fixed a problem with remembering the correct location in the changelog when the driver was restarted).

Unfortunately, I don't even know when Patch 2 was released, so I am not sure if it's installed...

Either way, I suspect I should attempt to install the latest LDAP driver (which hopefully will still work with 3.5.1 until I can upgrade the entire system). And I am guessing manually modify the "DirXML-DriverStorage" Value to reflect the correct most recent change processed. Does this sound like an appropriate course of action?

Which brings me to another question. Should I be performing some type of regular maintenance process to trim the Chnagelog?

Thank You for any advice.