How could I build a Query token that gets the Read-attr list from a GCV
or the like?

I want to query for a list of attrs, but I do not want to explicitly
list them in code, since I know the list will change 'often' and I would
prefer to change a GCV instead of code...

I guess I could just query for the read-attr * which will return all
attributes... That actually would work for this use case, in
hindsight, but I would still like to consider how I might do this?

I suppose I could try and catch the query event at the OTP, and add XML
elements and nodes to it as needed. But that is not scalable in a
fashion that would make this easier.

I can do variable expansion for the variable name... Hmm, could I make
a nodeset variable, with the XML of
<read-attr attr-name="attr1">
<read-attr attr-name="attr2">
<read-attr attr-name="attr3">
<read-attr attr-name="attr4">

And then variable expand THAT in the attr name field? Nah that won't
work either. Hmm...

Any ideas?