Hi all,

I have installed the Linux/Unix Bidirectional driver on a RedHat 5
server (32-bit).
Everything is going well in terms of connectivity and the driver is
really simple to understand...

But when I try create a user on the server I am getting the following
Message: Command Error: "/usr/sbin/useradd -m "altao altao"" failed
with RC=3, response: useradd: invalid user name 'altao altao'

I see exactly what the problem is, but I have no idea how to fix it...
This is the problem:
The login name is mapped to the CN of the user, bit for some reason,
when formatting the login name, it adds the CN twice...

I checked the source CN and it has 2 values, but they are different,
one is obviously the naming and the other is "other name", but the login
name is made up of the naming CN attribute , just twice with a space in

I have made no driver changes except for a Scoping rule in the Event
Transformation and disabled the publisher channel.

here is the full trace:
'Download trace.txt for free on uploading.com'

I have tried to strip the operation attribute CN in the CTP and then
reformat it with the Source Attribute CN (lowercase) but that did not
work... It just gave me a login name of the naming CN attribute and the
"other" CN so instead of a login name "altao altao" it gave me "altao
82628"... So that didn't work.

I have also updated the driver to the latest release 3.6.4 and I am
using metadirectory 3.6.1.

Thanks in advance

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