When I reset the password of a user in the Active Directory hosted on a
Windows 2008 R2 OS, the new password is not send to the remote loader.
can someone help me on this? Btw, is password synchronization supported
for Windows 2008 R2?

FYI, I have successfully setup password synchronization on a Windows
2003 domain controller, yet, the same configuration steps fails for
Windows 2008 R2.

My configuration is as follow:
1st machine: Active Directory running on Windows 2008 R2 + IDM Passsync
configured to send password changes to Remote loader
2nd machine: 3.6.1 Remote loader running on Windows 2008 R2
3rd machine: 3.6.1 IDM Engine

Additional configuration:
- 2nd machine is a member of the domain
- authentication ID for Active Directory driver is a domain admin of
the domain
- SSL is setup between 1st machine and 2nd machine

I have patched the above-mentioned machines based on the following
1) IDM 3.6.1 Remote Loader Patch 3
2) IDM 4.0.1-3.6.1-3.5.1 Active Directory driver version 3.5.14 Patch
3) IDM 3.6.1 Engine Patch 3 Build 3.6.14

I have troubleshoot the problem for quite some time and still have no
idea on what went wrong. Will appreciate if anyone can give me some

Thank you.

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