Hello everybody,

we have a Postgres DB as user source, an Identity Vault which structure
is for several internal reasons "flat" and a eDir which is
So there is the problem:

In the Postgres DB are users, which have to be placed in right
containers (context) in the eDir. For that reason i have created an
attribute in
the Identity Vault, in which the right context is written (on publish
from Postgres to Identity Vault -> for example: User XY --> UserContext:

\de\institution\students\inf). So i know where i have to place them in
eDir. But when I create a policy in the eDir-publisher-channel in the
event transformation and set there a new operation destination dn
(which i build with the UserContext attribute and the cn), i get an


In the eDir the context exists. Where in the publisher channel do i
have to change the rules / policies that
this is working?

User XY -> Identity Vault (\de\institution\students) -> eDir

Big thanks for your help!

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