I'm writing a custom driver to integrate with OpenText ECM. I have a
problem with the following.
The OpenText api does not provide a mechanism to poll user changes and
notify novell IDM.
So i'm trying to narrow down the possible errors in certain

On of those situation is when an admin user deletes the user directly
in OpenText ECM. Our IDM vault isn't notified , so the assocation still
On next update in IDM the a modify event is send to the driver shim and
the driver shim tries to update the user. But the user isn't there.

What i'm trying to do is send back a remove association command in
combination with a status retry. My expected result would be that the
association would be removed from the user and that the modify event is
send back through the subscriber channel (and eventually transforming
the modify event into an add event).

Apparently the remove association isn't executed. So when the event is
retried, it still sees this as a modify event.

Succes a output response element looks like this:

<nds dtdversion="2.0">
<remove-association event-id="SDIIAM01-NDS#20111229162648#1#1">ELH424</remove-association>
<status event-id="SDIIAM01-NDS#20111229162648#1#1" level="retry"/>

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards

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