I have been working on a bunch of driver walk throughs, and have been
tracking them in a Wiki page:


David G helped out with People Soft and GW walk throughs. A certain
someone who shall remain nameless owes me a JDBC walk through, and I
continue nagging him.

I have done the Managed System Gateway, Data Collection Services, SIF
driver, (Google Apps, not yet published, but written and submitted in
queue), Blackboard driver (Started, not yet finished/submitted), SAP HR
(CMP edition) and its Buisness Logic driver (Need to revisit these,
since there are neater versions out there).

But I also think there are some common policies we see in a lot of
drivers, especially with the advent of Packages, this is even easier, as
you can isolate all the package components easily to see what they
specifically does. This is nice because it scopes the size of the task
down quite a bit.

So as always, looking for volunteers to write something like this, on
any driver, even on any single policy object that is interesting. Or a
Package, or whatever. The more the merrier.

Submit it to Cool Solutions, and the points can be cashed out for Amazon
gift certs and they have a way to use this world wide, not just in the US!

I think there is a ton of interesting stuff to look at still, and would
love to see others contributing as I do actually have time limits, in
terms of how many of these I can write.

I was thinking based on a couple of questions in the forum lately that
there is a nice easy target in the Lotus Notes driver. The Sub Create
rule has a long policy object that basically enforces all the GCV
settings in terms of how a new user looks. For someone with a working
Notes driver, who understands what most of the options are, this is a
single policy object that is pretty straight forward, and would probably
be a great resource for anyone else working on the Notes driver.

So any takers? If you have written anything like this, teh Wiki is
editable by all I suspect, and if not, let me know and I will update it.

Please consider contributing.