I see this is a old post but appropriate for my issue. I am purely new
to Novell IDM tool, all I have is 2days of training and some
search/reading in this forum, Cool Solutions and Common Mistakes
Newcomers to IDM. For the first time I'm trying to create a Work order
in a Work Flow where I need to set the DirXML-DueDate. In designer data
item mapping, I have tried using a Javascript which used Java
SimpleDateFormat in yyyyMMddHHmmss format and also used
token-convert-time to make this work but no luck.

This is what I tried for token-convert-time
<do-add-src-attr-value class-name="DirXML-WorkOrder"
<token-convert-time dest-format="!LONG.DATETIME" dest-tz="EST"
src-format="!CTIME" src-tz="EST">
<token-text xml:space="preserve">20121212121212</token-text>

I have hard coded the value, hope that is right too. I get following
"Workflow Error: Dataitem [DirXML-DueDate] with expression [
20121212121212 ] failed to evaluate."

If I use Java SimpleDateFormat I get following error:
" Workflow Error: Attempt to set value on Data item [DirXML-DueDate]
using incorrect type; expecting [date] got [20120106100822].. "

From Common mistake post and forum I do understand that DirXML-DueDate
has to be converted from CTIME to Date, but i do not know how to
implement that, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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