here's the scenario:

We have people changing from contractor to employee or vise versa on a
regular basis. When this happens they get terminated in SAP HR and then
rehired, but the PERNR is now a different value. The SAP team has come
up with a solution to use the PERSONID_EXT (Infotype 709) and always
reference this int eh SAP transactions.

My problem is that the SAP Driver currently uses the PERNR as the
primary key and everything is automatically set based on PERNR. (ie.
association value, src-dn)

Is there a way to 'trick' the SAP driver into using the PERSONID_EXT
field as the primary key?

one issue that has come up is that the idoc that comes from SAP always
references the PERNR


EDI_DC40_U1200000000001216156701 3014 HRMD_A05 ZHRMD_A05_0709 Z_ID_VAULT SAPECD LS ECD120 ZIDVAULT LS IDVAULT 20110926090552 20110926090535
E2PLOGI001 12000000000012161560000010000000201P 00402103 U
E2PITYP001 12000000000012161560000020000010301P 004021030000 2011092699991231
E2P0000001 120000000000121615600000300000204004021030000 999912312011092600020110926SC68 NH01331
E2PITYP001 12000000000012161560000040000010301P 004021030001 2011092699991231
E2P0001002 120000000000121615600000500000404004021030001 999912312011092600020110926SC68 10271GAPE05A01 0007 U2 110000105002457500000000 GAP TEST, TESTING Mr testing GAP TEST S 1GAP1000
E2PITYP001 12000000000012161560000060000010301P 004021030002 1950031799991231X
E2P0002001 120000000000121615600000700000604004021030002 999912311950031700020110926SC68 GAP TEST testing 001 00000000 E 000000000 10 00000000 00000000GAP TEST TESTING ENGAP TEST testing
E2Q0002002 120000000000121615600000800000705004021030002 9999123119500317000 10
E2PITYP001 12000000000012161560000090000010301P 004021030709 1800010199991231
Z2P0709000 12000000000012161560000100000090400402103 999912311800010100020110926SC68 CP 898681
E2PITYP001 12000000000012161560000110000010301P 004021031001A2092011092699991231
E2P1001001 12000000000012161560000120000110412001P 004021031001A2091 2011092699991231CP5002457600020110926SC68 00000000CP50024576 0.00
E2PITYP001 12000000000012161560000130000010301P 004021031001B0082011092699991231
E2P1001001 12000000000012161560000140000130412001P 004021031001B0081 2011092699991231S 5002457500020110926SC68 00000000S 50024575 100.00


as you can see in the idoc, 00402103 is on every line as the primary
key. but the 898681 from the Z2P0709000 line is what i want to end up

Am I in over my head here or is this possible?

thanks in advance,
-Todd F.

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