Hi and thanks for taking the time to look at this with me.

Iím using a JDBC Driver connected to an Informix View thatís being used
to create User accounts and Groups. It uses simple Schema Mapping for
user details (links below to the XML, if youíre interested).

Schema Map

I then use Application source attribute values from the View to build
the destination DN in placing the student accounts.

Placement Rule

Lastly, I use Application source attribute values that define which
academic program the student is enrolled in from the same user record to
create a corresponding eDir Group, if it doesnít exist, and set user

Program Groups

This is all working well and good for adds. However, I notice that
changes in the View, say, a Program Group, arenít being picked-up by the
driver. Any changes to the Schema Attributes that are mapped are coming
across. For what itís worth, I am using triggerless publication.

Iím assuming that mods to things like Program Groups arenít triggering
changes because they arenít in the Filter, set to Class/Attribute sync
or something along those lines.

Iíd like your advice on how to best tackle this. Should I, for
example, define Application Classes/Attributes, create custom Identity
Vault Classes/Attributes, map them, and set to Synchronize? Maybe
thereís a better way all together.

Thanks a lot,


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