If you had the following in the driver filter

<filter-attr attr-name="AnAttribute" merge-authority="default"
publisher="ignore" publisher-optimize-modify="true" subscriber="ignore"/>

And a modify event made it through publisher command transform that
contained this fragment.

<modify-attr attr-name="AnAttribute">
<value type="string">AValueThatAlreadyExistsInIDV</value>

Would the Optimize Modify Processor honor the
publisher-optimize-modify="true" and optimise out the add-value fragment

I tried this in simulator, but doesn't seem that simulator will simulate
the Optimize Modify Processor.

Anyone got any experience with this?

Basically, I have a synthesised attribute (attribute doesn't exist in
the connected system, so there is no real point having it as sync in the
filter) that gets generated in the publisher channel, I want to ensure
that the timestamp in the IDV for the attribute only gets updated when
the value actually changes.