Hello I am working on a Partioned Domino Server 8.5.2

The installations documentation is not plain on partitioned Domino

I have a Physical server with 7 NIC, the main Domino Server is

The other servers are : FEUPAR01IDOL/SRV, FEUPAR02IDOL/SRV,

The DNS configuration is OK

I have installed the remote loader an it starts OK

I have created a Notes driver on Designer and it's starts and connects

I have Created (users and mailbox) and cerifiyed some users on the main
server "FEUPAR01HUBIDOL/SRV" using the driver

I tell you that the user used to athenticate ( the main server
FEUPAR01HUBIDOL/SRV also ) has all the required permissions on all the
other servers

The problem is that when trying to create a user and his mailbox on a
server other than the main server I am getting an error, please look at
this trace ( I am sur the permissions are OK for the user and the server
) Trace: 'DirXML: [01/16/12 17:31:18.48]: Loader: Loading JVM DirXML:
[01/16/12 17:31:18. - Pastebin.com' (http://pastebin.com/PZsuSVgC)

The trace tell that unable to open the template, in fact the template
is already there and with the required permissions, I think I missed
something related to Partitionned Configuration

If any one is aware of limitations on partitioned Domino environement ,
please give details

Could any one Help

Thanks in advance

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