You know that saying, you learn something new every day?

I find it very true. So Mike Weaver showed me something I had never
seen before!

In iMan with IDM Snapins, find an object that is synced, there is an
Identity Manager tab on the top right of the Right hand pane. (Like
General, User Profile, Restrictions, etc).

I knew this showed the current associations and values and states which
is useful on its own.

But if you expand a driver association, you will see all the attributes
in the filter listed for the object.

There are three columns. The attribute name, <Identity Vault value> and
<application value>

If you click on teh attr name it shows the IDV and App values. Or you
can click on JUST the IDV or App value and get just that one value.

How useful! Who knew?

I was writing a series on all the tokens in IDM, and actually ran into
three I had never seen before. I never knew they were there.
(Clearly not THAT useful...