Hello everyone,

First let me thank you for this excellent community. I have searched
through it many times over the last couple of years and more than once
the wisdom I've found here has got me out of a hole.

I've spent the day experimenting with the JDBC driver. This is normally
foreign territory to me so I was a little apprehensive about this -
lots' of scope for things I don't understand to go wrong, with lots of
added potential for me to not understand what it is I don't understand.
I have made some good progress though, and through finding other people
with the same error messages have managed to get myself in a position
where I can I can modify the view on the database, rename the columns
and add extra ones, and then re-read the schema and note that the extra
columns are present. Basic connectivity is clearly working - in itself
more progress than I expected to make today.

I have come unstuck a little here though and I'm not sure how to

What I want to do is use the Subscriber channel to populate a table in
our servicedesk / job-tracking application. This is simple user
information and there is almost a direct mapping between the fields
available in eDirectory and in this one database table. Our users are
all in there already on the live system via perl scripts I've used to do
this in the past.

The primary key is postno which in the schema map I have mapped to
workforceID. However, when I attempt to synchronise a user across the
error I get is:

-9005 The Driver returned a "fatal" status indicating the
driver should shut down. Detail from driver: <description>Unable to
initialize subscriber. An error was encountered while parsing parameter
'key-gen'. Unable to generate primary key value. String fields must have
a minimum length of 19 characters.

So I'm guessing here that the driver is expecting some kind of response
indicating that a primary key has been generated (presumably for
association purposes), while I am attempting to set the primary key with
data that is already known and guaranteed unique.

Is anybody able to offer some guidance on how to achieve this? This is
just an experiment so I'm quite prepared to throw everything I have

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