Has anybody seen the following error?

DXML: [2012/02/01 14:47:36.325]

DirXML Log Event -------------------

Status: Error

Message: (-9956) DirXMLVerbHandler::construct: An error occurred
while constructing an object: failed, invalid request (-641).

I've just created a test IDM Lab in preparation for rolling out to
production. Everything seems to work as expected but this error is
appearing on my NetWare server trace screen every time the driver starts
and each time I reference the driver in iManager (ie click on the driver
or open a policy etc..). NetWare is 6.5 SP8 with eDirectory 8.7.3 SP10
and IDM Engine 3.51. It's connected to an IDM Vault on Windows 2008 R2
running eDirectory 8.8.6 and IDM Engine 4.0.1.

Any Idea's?

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