So I am trying to implement an eDir-to-eDir connector from IDM 3.6.1 to
IDM 4, everything works fine until I try map custom aux class attributes
between the two trees...

The IDM4 tree has a class called frgoUser and the eDir driver on this
vault can see the class 100%, but on the other side of the eDir-to-eDir
driver, the IDM 3 side cannot see that class when I refresh the
application schema...
Then on the IDM3 tree, there is a class called fnboUser that the IDM 3
vault can see 100%, but on the IDM4 side of the driver I cannot see this

The classes in question are aux classes that contains a whole bunch of
HR info that I need to sync between the two trees.

Just some info on the class on the IDM 4 side...
Class Name: frgoUser
Class Flags: Ambiguous Naming
Ambiguous Containment
Auxiliary Class
Can Be Contained By: (nothing)
Attribute info:
Name Mandatory Naming
frgaAssignedPosition NO NO
frgaBusinessGroupName NO NO

I cant create schema mapping policy as the one tree does not see the
other trees class in question...

It sees all other classes though...

I wonder if it has to do with the fact that these classes are Aux
classes and not subclasses of anything??


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