mmiltenberger;2005501 Wrote:
> I have seen the IDM 3.6.1 Engine Patch 1 Build 3.6.11 and the Remote
> Loader 3.6.1 Patch 1 FTF's, which describe the problem I am
> experiencing, but not for my configuration.
> My configuration is W2008R2-64 English, with 64bit remote
> loader-English set to run as a service. The remote loader does not
> start after a reboot until someone logs into/rdp's into the server at
> which point the remote loader starts up.
> Is it possible the FTF's will be expanded to include this
> configuration? Or has anyone else seen this problem with same
> configuration as mine?

We had a similar issue. Our Novell PSE determined that the service did
not start because the service attempts to open Console0 to write to the
trace log.
Setting the trace level to zero (0) on the remote loader (not the
driver) resolved the issue.

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