So IDM 4, packaged driver.

Sub-Command, NOVLADENTEX-sub-ctp-EntitlementsImpl

For modify events:

If entitlements are in use, for a user, and its changing, does two loops.

For each Removed Entitlement
For Each added entitlement.

All these do is touch the homeMDB, and add or remove them as needed,
thus triggering the Ex2007/2010/2003 mailbox creation or removal as needed.

Notice, no mailNickName set into AD.

Now for the add case, the Sub-Create detects that Entitlements are being
used, there is one set at create time, and therefore sets an op-prop to
so indicate.

ITP, NOVLADENTEX-itp-EntitlementsImpl,

if the GCV is right, if its an <add-association> event, if the op-prop
is set, and the entitlement (ExchangeMailbox) is available, then one loop.

For Each Entitlement, ExchangeMailbox
Inside the loop it sets 2 (!) attrs, homeMDB as in the Sub-Command, but
also mailNickName.

Is this on purpose? A mistake? Needed in either, both, or none of the