We recently upgraded IDM from 3.5.0 to We first tested the
upgrade in our LAB and we were successful.

Our Production upgrade was successful as well. However a week after
the upgrade GroupWise accounts were no longer being created on a new
User creation. The information (minus the Post Office assignment) is
valid under the GroupWise Tab of their edirectory object. However the
GroupWise object does not show up in the GroupWise view. Modifications
are still working. Nothing that we are aware of changed from the
initial upgrade.

Below is an error from a Level 5 trace. (Proprietary information
substituted with generic).

[02/08/12 11:02:11.083]:GroupWise ST:Resolving association references.
[02/08/12 11:02:11.085]:GroupWise ST:Processing returned document.
[02/08/12 11:02:11.085]:GroupWise ST:Processing operation <status> for