I am attempting to use the Text Delimited driver for the first time. I only
want to produce an output file with this driver, so Subscriber channel only
enabled. I followed the steps in the documentation to disable the
Publisher channel (no input file path, set "ignore" on publisher filter

I only want new user accounts added to the output file. I am not currently
needing to record modify's or deletes. When using Designer, there is only
one file associated with the Subscriber channel: Event Transformation. I
have edited this file to match the Driver Parametersriver Options: Field
Names (assuming I need to do this). I made sure that all the attributes are
configured in both the schema mapping policy and driver filter.

In order to only capture new user creates, what other files would need
modified to reflect the set of attributes that I want to pass onto the csv
file? Would the Output Transformation Policy need modified? From looking
at the ots policy there is a "input/add" portion but I would guess that
applies only if I were using an input file associated with the Publisher
channel, but I could be wrong.

End goal is this: Any new user that is added to my Identity Vault gets added
to the csv output file with fields:

I have already configured this output file to close once a day at a specific
time (no transaction limit or time limit, just the time of day).

I have added the proper schema mappings and filter settings for the new
fields like ID and Affiliation. I need to know where to put a policy that
limits the scope of entries to new User adds.

Thanks for any help,