I'm just investigating the scripting driver. My environment is IDM3.6.1
running on SLES10, the scripting driver (actually patched -> 4.0) runs
on a Windows 2008 Server (64-Bit)...
I want to use the scripting driver for creating user homedirectories in
AD environment. Now the situation is, that I get my add-events running,
so I see in the debug the following command:

"WindowsScript_executeCommand: Executing command cscript //nolog //x
"scripts\Subscriber.wsf" "C:\....\XYZ.tmp" "C:\...\123.tmp"

From my point of view the 123.tmp file is for the driver environment
(which i checked within this file -> OK)
But the first, the XYZ.tmp file seems to be empty, because I couldn't
write my variables out in log-file (which was done in my add.vbs

I also have an error entry in my debug:

(trace): Unable to establish client connect; make sure certificates

I also checked my "SSL CertificateIP" - it is valid and stored on my
windows server. I also checked my driver and remote passwords...

Another thing / error I get on my meta directory server is in the
driver trace:

Message: Code(-9006) The driver returned a "retry" status.... Detail
from driver: No connection to remote loader.

Has anybody a idea to go on with troubleshooting?
Thank you for your support.

best regards

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