Using IDM 4, is there a way to dynamically update a value in a driver's
GCV or Mapping Table?

The scenario is:
I have 25 mailbox containers. The requirement is to place new
mailboxes into mailbox containers sequentially. The first user goes
into container 1, the second user goes into container 2, and so on until
all 25 mailbox containers have been used in order. Then for user 26 we
start back over in container 1 and go through the iteration again.

The issue I am having is I have no easy way to track the last mailbox
container used in the driver. The best solution I can determine is to
create a placeholder object in my directory and store the last used
container number in an unused attribute on that object. This process
works but seems sloppy and I'm looking to see if there is a better way.

Thanks in advance

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