I just installed IDM 361 in a test environment and I have the remote
loader running on my AD box. There is clearly communication between
edir and AD as I can see error in the Remote Loader screen on AD when I
try to sync. Following other threads here, I have pasted the level 3
trace into pastebin.com and here is the URL: 'DirXML: [03/19/12
08:40:49.65]: Loader: Verifying command port... DirXML: [03/1 -
Pastebin.com' (http://pastebin.com/JXs5cU5E).

This is a brand new install and I am just trying to get a few OUs and
one user to sync over to AD, but I keep getting the error:

ldap-err ldap-rc="32" ldap-re-name="LDAP_NO_SUCH_OBJECT"

I am trying to figure out what I configured wrong, but I am not sure.

Thanks in advance!

Phil Goldwasser

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