I have DirXML and password sync running between Novell 5.1 and Windows
AD. It works fine from an XP client running any version of client
(though most are 4.91 SP2 or SP5).

From Windows 7 running any version of the client, the password change
is never seen by the DirXML password sync, no error, nothing shows up in
the event log at all to indicate that AD knows the password was changed.
If I change the password in AD it shows up in event log and syncs back
to Novell. If I change the password in ConsoleOne it shows in event log
and syncs to AD.

Everything works perfectly with XP client - will not sync with Windows
7 client UNLESS I manually open the list of resources and select all the
domains I want to manually sync with (we have more than one AD domain).

I've read posts suggesting turning off NMAS - tried that, still no good
and I don't have to do that on XP clients anyway. suggestions?

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