Hi all,

I'm having this strange behaviour:

AD driver. Publisher and subscriber active.

Whenever I change something in the IDV, I get a 'Start transaction;
Processing events for transaction.' and the event in the log files.
After that, it waits and waits and waits... No single policy is
As soon as I get any event (heartbeat, add, modify,...) on the
publisher channel the subscriber channel continues as well.

So: it seems that the subscriber is waiting for something on the
publisher channel.
This started today (after the UserApp submitted a query for all AD
groups. This query did not respond in time.)
Restarting eDir does not help (BTW: stopping the driver or eDirectory
is also difficult due to this issue...).
Removing the DirXML-PersistentData does not help.

Somewhere, IDM/eDir must store something related to the subscriber
and/or publisher and that is out of sync with reality, causing the
subscriber to wait.

Anybody has a clue what IDM is doing on the subscriber channel after
logging 'Processing events for transaction.' and executing the first
policy? What is it waiting for? How can I solve this 'out-of-sync'

IDM: 3.6.14


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