Have a client who uses minimal rights in each driver. Bit painful, but
smart! Very hard to screw up stuff you cannot touch.

Now adding passwords to one driver, getting a 222 on password set.
validated the value in:
<add-attr attr-name="nspmDistributionPassword"><!-- content
suppressed -->

is valid per policy, and works when set in iManager. NMAS trace shows only:

10:20:02 62CC0940 NMAS: ERROR: -222 Failed set distribution password for
10:20:02 62CC0940 NMAS: ERROR: -16049 Failed get distribution password
for spumpkin.People.acme.com

I am wondering if it is a permission issue. I will test with All
Attributes rigths, but I need to be able to filter it down.

nspmDistributionPassword is not available to select to add W rights
too... (I know it is hidden, as is nspmPassword and Private Key) but
how do we grant the right, minimally?