I have two eDirectory systems connected with eDir-to-eDir drivers. I am
trying to synch objects from Tree A to Tree B. All of the schema for
these objects is the same in both trees so no schema mapping or anything
is needed. In the Subscriber in Tree A I am creating a destination DN
(because if I don't it throws an error) and in the Publisher for Tree B
I have my placement logic. The issue is that even though I do not have
a matching policy for this class the driver in Tree B always reports
back with "A match found" and then results in an an error
"ERR_ILLEGAL_DS_NAME". How can a match be found when there is no match
policy being executed?

I have added a matching policy but it did the same thing (returned the
"A match found" message when I know no match exists). I'm stumped.

Thanks in advance.

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