thrabak;1871394 Wrote:
> Here's how I figured out its not a broken display: I stepped back and
> am now working with this back in a test domain that has two 2008 core 32
> bit domain controllers. After using the password tool on both servers
> again, one of the servers shows as 'Running' the other shows as
> 'Installed - Needs Reboot'. (same problem) A reboot does not change the
> 'Installed - Needs Reboot' state. The server that is 'Running' has the
> pwfilter.dll and psevent.dll files in windows\system32, the other server
> does not. I ran through these add\reboot steps again on the server that
> is 'Running' and found that the files get installed after a reboot is
> performed when the status shows 'Installed - Needs Reboot'. But a
> reboot on this server will not install the files.
> There has to be some sort of difference between these servers since the
> files will install on one but not the other. I can't seem to pinpoint
> what it is.
> I checked both of these servers and found they both have Remote
> Registry and RPC services running. They both also have the windows
> firewall off.
> Anything else that could be causing this problem ?

I've got pretty much the same problem (but with Windows 2008 R2 DCs)

Several DCs in different domains report "Installed - Needs Reboot" but
the actual pwfilter.dll & psevent.dll files are not present in System32.
The Novell registry keys appear to be updated correctly.
Symantec Endpoint Protection AV is running on both servers in addition
to Forefront Client Security. Neither show via log files/event logs that
they are blocking anything.

The Windows Firewall service is running but is turned off for the
domain profile. Now this doesn't necessarily mean that the firewall is
not the culprit ( see 'Connection from a Windows Service could be
blocked by firewall even if firewall is disabled - SQL Protocols - Site
Home - MSDN Blogs'
). However I have checked and there are no ServiceRestriction rules in
place on either DC.

I ended up using a tweaked/updated version of Lothar's pwfilter INF
installer to copy the files. Need to wait for next planned maintenance
period before we're allowed to restart these DCs but I'm confident that
everything is in place for this to work now.

Frustrated that I can't find the underlying cause of why the files are
not copied (even though the Password Sync CP briefly shows a "copying
files" status message).

Anyone else seen this and knows why?

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