new to novell, trying to understand a few things. We are using Novell
IDM 4.0.1. advanced edition. We've installed eDirectory on one machine,
user app on another machine (both windows 2008), reporting server on a
third machine (SLES). I found now on the edirectory machine a log file
nproduct.log (located directly in c:\). The file contains many entries
of the following type:

Thu Mar 29 09:49:33 2012 [Novell Audit Platform Agent]: Attempting to
re-establish connection to secure log server for application DirXML.

I found a config-file probably related to the audit platform agent in
C:\novell\IdentityManager\rma called logevent.conf. This file contains
amongst other things an empty definition for LogHost.

- what is the purpose of the audit platform agent?
- what are the required components to use it? (i.e. do I need
additional Novell components in addition to Novell IDM Advanced
- where is this activated / de-activated (in case I don't need it)
- is the error in the log related to the empty LogHost setting?

thanks, Peter

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