My organization has recently migrated our PC's and Windows servers into
a Windows 2008 R2 AD domain from Novell eDirectory. We are still using
GroupWise. I've been trying to get GroupWise to authenticate off our AD
via LDAP, which I have been able to do successfully, but there's no way
to change your AD password from inside the GroupWise client or
WebAccess. This poses a problem for some departments who we host
strictly GroupWise for and they don't have a PC in our Active Directory.
When the AD password expires, there's no way for them to change it
since they only use GroupWise.

I was reading a little about Identity Manager and sync between AD and
eDir. Can someone give me a quick overview of how this might work in my
environment? I'd set our GroupWise post offices to use LDAP
authentication to our eDirectory, then have our AD and eDirectory
accounts sync passwords so they could login to GroupWise and GroupWise
Messenger with the same AD password they use to login to their PC's
every morn. Then it should allow them to change their password in
GroupWise because that does work changing your eDirectory password from
within GroupWise and WebAccess.

I just need to know what product I need to accomplish this and what
license requirement there is. I can do the research then, but there's
so many different options out there I'm spinning my wheels trying to
find what I need.

Thanks in advance.

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