Currently, Group syncs to group. I want to create AD distribution groups
based on GW Distribution Lists, which are of class
groupWiseDistributionList. I just want to sync the cn, member and
description attributes. I only want to sync these one way - from eDir to
AD. The schema mapping rules don't let me select two different eDir
classes with the same AD class. I edited the XML directly which made it
look right, but when I started the driver the trace showed it
synchronizing group to Group (AD to eDir) and groupWiseDistribution list
to group (eDir to AD). My thinking is I broke the two-way relationship.
I removed the schema mapping rule for the DL.

Is there a way to do this without reinventing the wheel? Is there a way
to modify the incoming event immediately and chang the object class in
the event to Group so that the rest of the rules will apply? I don't
want to create new rules to catch the DL event and build an AD
distribution group from scratch if it's not necessary. And since the
attributes I want are in eDirectory, I shouldn't need the GW driver.

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