I am trying to send emails after a User create is attempted in eDir
depending on the status of the operation in a JDBC driver. I created a
policy in the Output Transform that will look for status messages and
send the appropriate message. The problem I am having is that there is
no status message coming back from eDir to the Output Transform. The
Fishbone diagram shows a feedback loop from the IDV to the Schema Map
and to the Output Transform but I am simply not seeing any XML coming
back from the IDV after the user is added. All I see is a SUCCESS
message in the log. Consequently, there is nothing for my policy to
pick up and process to send the email.

My only guess is that I am triggering the operation by migrating the
User "into eDirectory" and that IDM is not sending the status message
back to the connected system since it was initially requested by IDM.
Am I on the right track? If so, how can I test my Ouput Transform
policy if I can't migrate a User manually?

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