Hi Guys,

Wondering if anyone could shed some light on the situation for me.
Been having all sorts of troubles trying to get the Forgotten password
link active on the Win 7 Ent SP1 image we have here and wondering if
anyone else are having any issues?

Basically I have:

- installed CLE on a vanilla Win 7 Ent SP1 install, with
nothing else done to it, and it all works without an issue. The link
appears in the login screen, and opens up the restricted browser no
- installed CLE on a clean image of our SOE machine, no
forgotten password link appears, even after several reboots.
- Uninstalled the ZCM adaptive Agent from the aboce SOE machine, run
the agent cleanup utility, rebooted the workstation, installed the
CLE, rebooted. Forgotten link appears on the login screen
successfully as it should.
- Re-installed ZCM adaptive agent on the above machine AFTER the CLE
was confirmed working, rebooted the desktop after installtion, link
disappears. no longer presented on the desktop.
- Ran a repair install on the CLE to ensure everything it needed to
write was there, rebooted the Desktop still no link.

Anyone else come accross this at all? is this a bug? any assistance
would be greate, but I am kind of thinking that the ZCM credential
provider filter, os somehoe blocking the CLE from being able to display
the link on the login screen. If we can get this working that would be

Thanks in advance......

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