I've already searched and seen this thread

However we don't have two driversets in the same tree so I don't think
that this is the problem:


1 tree / driverset / two servers

eDir 8.8.6 patch 5 (win 2k3 32bit) + IDM 3.6.1 engine patch 4b
eDir 8.8.6 patch 5 /win 2k8r2 64bit) + IDM 4.0.1 engine patch 2

This is a migrate scenario and we are moving drivers one by one from
3.6.1 to run on 4.0.1 server (not using the migrate function in
Designer). The 3.6.1 server will be decommissioned once the migration is

The error occurs on a single driver DN that had been previously deployed
when it is first started on the IDM 4.0.1. It doesn't re-occur if the
driver is restarted again.

In addition we have seen more than once (but not at any predictable
interval) the same error has appeared consecutively for ALL drivers in
the driver set (inlcuding drivers which are still running on the 3.6.1

Any suggestions as to what is causing this and how to troubleshoot this
further? We hadn't seen these errors on the IDM 3.6.1 server prior to
adding the 4.0.1 server to the driverset via iManager.