I have an issue with setting universal password for my users via
iMnagaer, I think this is related to "DirXML-PasswordSyncStatus"

I have two environments PRODUCTION AND TESTING

in each environements I have 3 replicated eDirectories, replication is
just perfect no issue with it, SDIDIAG Shows every thing is ok

What one of my collegues has done is importing data from PRODUCTION to
TESTING environement, he imported "DirXML-PasswordSyncStatus" as well

As you should know "DirXML-PasswordSyncStatus" contains GUID of the
drivers of PRODUCTION evironement, and when imported to TESTING
environment there was no integrety check by eDir and they are kept with
PRODUCTION drivers GUID ( inexisting GUIDs on TESTING)

I noticed since that an issue when setting universal password for the
users that have "DirXML-PasswordSyncStatus" from PRODUCTION,

The error when setting universal password from iMnagaer is : Error:
Invalid Password Password change failed: -1697
From iMonitor the error is : NMAS: ERROR: -1418

The error is all about NMAS issue, that requires running SDIDIAG, wich
tells me my SDI is OK

At this point I have no problem setting universal password for users on
TESTING environment that does not have "DirXML-PasswordSyncStatus"
But I have an error when setting universal password for users with
"DirXML-PasswordSyncStatus" attribut

Even when deleting "DirXML-PasswordSyncStatus" and
"DirXML-PasswordSyncStatusUser" objectClass attribute, the user still
have probleme with universal password !!!! there is some hidden data

Could any one help ? how to clean up a user from some hidden keys or
something else preventing setting Universal Password


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