Currently using IDM 3.5.1
Most accounts are created in eDirectory and replicated to AD
AD Driver creates AD Accounts using the eDir Full Name attribute for AD displayName as we are currently doing.
We have student accounts organized by First Letter of last name, which is creating a significant duplication issues (ie John Smith).

I would like to change the default naming of Student Accounts only. Keeping the default Full Name --> displayName for all Employee accounts, however create a condition for OU subtree (All Student Accounts are in a Student Subtree) that creates all Student accounts in the format cn --> displayName This should allow the unique student names to share the same OU.

I see several references to Changing the NameMap policies and the GCV's to enable Logon Name Mapping, but my driver was upgraded from a previous version, and I don't see those options. And that seems like an overall solution, whereas I would like to use different AD creation policies for Employees, and Students..

I assume this would all be done in the subscriber channel, but need a push in the right direction. (ie should I use designer to create new AD Driver and copy the appropriate rules to my current driver), or is this easier than I think it is and all In need to do is create two rules in the Subscriber creation policy?

Thank You!