We have IDM v4.0.1.0 SE with PeopleSoft driver v5.2.1. The driver works
great with PeopleTools 8.4.x. Now we are upgrading to PeopleTools 8.5.1
and are running into an issue with the new PeopleSoft application server
parameter DomainConnectionPwd. As long as this setting remains at the
default on the application server, the driver functions normally.
However, if we change this setting, the driver fails to connect,
generating a bad permissions exception:

bea.jolt.SessionException: TPEPERM - bad permissions

I do not see a driver setting which will allow me to specify this
parameter. Adding it to pstools.properties has no effect. Is there a way
to configure the driver to support a non-default DomainConnectionPwd?

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