I have a 4.01 Advanced server newly added to a driverset. This half of a
eDir-to-eDir driver is not performing any change triggered operations that I
can tell. I have the trace level for this driver up to level 10. I try
manually migrating a user from the identity vault. The migrate interface
allows me to successfully begin the migration of a user. But, I never see
the synthetic add in the trace. I go back to the user and the Connected
Systems for the user shows this eDir driver but the state stays Migrate. I
even left it overnight and the state remains Migrate. Both eDir drivers are
showing as running.

Any suggestions on what to check? I have one other driver in this driverset
that is also a eDir-to-eDir driver that is working. The working driver is
connecting to the test system. This new driver is connecting to the new
production system. The two drivers are configured virtually identically.
I'm not seeing any errors in the trace, but then again I'm not seeing
anything happen as far as users in the trace even when I executed a manual
migration. I do see a publisher heartbeat (nagios monitoring purposes) so
it seems the driver is functional.

Any help is greatly appreciated.