I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but there isn't an Identity
Manager "General" forum.

I'm looking for some advice as to whether Identity Manager is the right
product for my environment. We are about to roll out 3 apps to several
hundred users via MS Terminal Services. The users will all be part of an
Active directory domain and have individual accounts. Two of the apps
have a browser front end with user credentials stored in a MS SQLserver
database and the other is a small .exe called from a share which also
has a MS SQLserver back end but which supports AD integration for

I want to create a single sign-on environment where the user
effectively has one password for all apps, is this possible? Also, is it
possible to provision users in the SQL DBs of the browser apps based on
group membership in AD. For example if user A is a member of group A
they will be provisioned in browser app A and also have their AD
password synched with that app.

I see Novell also has another password product called SecureLogin,
which one would be best for me?


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