Hi. I was given a problem yesterday afternoon, and I am not yet sure
how to tackle it. I am not even sure what the problem is. I do know
that there were problems with the edir replicas on our servers, and to
resolve that problem someone here spoke with Novell and apparently
removed the servers from edirectory and then put them back. In doing so
the existing IDM services stopped working. He was told that somehow we
need to reconnect the IDM to our edirectory tree. I am not sure I
understand what needs to be recoonected, but I need to get this back up

Our IDM environment is edir to edir. It syncs from our tree to a flat
intermediary tree which then has another IDM infrastructure to sync to
another system which we do not control. So it is the edir to edir that
is not working at the moment. I tried to get a trace, but that does not
seem to be working right either.

Any help will be highly appreciated!

Phil Goldwasser
Fire Department of New York

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