I am trying to integrate Domino 8.5.2 with IDM 4.0.1.
Previously my IDM is installed on a 32 bits SLES 11 SP1 with Lotus
Notes Client installed, and its able to communicate with Domino via
method "Local Installation on a Notes Client Workstation".

Now we are trying to do the same thing with my IDM installed on SLES 11
SP1 but OS had change to 64 bits. Lotus Notes Client unable to installed
on a 64 bits SLES 11. My old approach is not working anymore.

Instead of having Notes Client installed on my IDM, can I using the
approach below?

Old Approach:
IDM 4.0.1 with Notes Client and RL installed (on SLES 11 SP1 32 bits)
-> Domino Server

New Approach:
IDM 4.0.1 (on SLES 11 SP1 64 bits) -> Notes Client with RL (on SLES SP1
32 bits) -> Domino Server

Is there anyone tried or implemented this before?
Much appreciate on your suggestion and comment.

Thousands thanks!

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