Hi everyone.

I came across this situation. I┤m preparing an update from IDM BE 3.5.1
to IDM BE 3.6.1 (from NW6.5 to OES-LX11). I have one MAD driver with
Subscriber on, Publisher off, so every object goes from IDM Vault (eDir)
over to Active Directory.

I set things up in the LAB environment (IDM Engine, Driver + Remote
Loader). I Have a base ou in AD where every object will be placed
hierarchically to mirror its eDir counterpart. When I choose to Migrate
objects from Identity Vault, All the OUs and Group objects get migrated
over to AD. I can see that in the Users and Computer Management console
on my Win2003 DC server. An Identical "Tree" structure on the AD side,
just below my Base Container (OU=BCV).

Here's my issue... User objects are being migrated over to AD, but only
those users that exist inside the base container (O=BCV on the eDir
side) o inside the containers right below it (OUs, for instance
ou=MY.o=BCV) get migrated and created on AD.

In the RL trace screen I can see the user object being processed and it
ends up with a success status, but the user object never gets created if
its final DN is a subcontainer for example: The user exists in eDir at
accounting.my.bcv . I choose to do a manual migration (IDM overview->Mig
from IDM Vault-> user ) the migration starts successfully, I seen a
successful RL trace screen, but the user is not created in AD. I don't
even see a Warning message like -8015, -8017.

If I create a user object at the Base container in eDir (o=bcv) the
user objects gets placed accordingly in AD.
If the user is created at the first subcontainer in eDir (ou=my.o=BCV)
the user gets placed accordingly in AD.
If I move an existing user from the lower subcontainers
(ou=accounting.ou=my.o=BCV) to a higher container (ou=my.o=bcv for
example) the user objects is placed at that same level over in AD.

Oh... one very important thing... Group objects are created at any
container level in AD. They do migrate to their peer-container over in

This driver is a copy of what is in production and so is the eDirectory

Why do I worry about this if it's only a lab environment and not
proceed to update? Well I┤d like to know what's causing this... just
that... besides... a Migration is in place since I'm moving from NW to
Lx.. and I'd hate not have foreseen things.

Any ideas on what to check on the trace? What to look for?. I thought I
had misconfigured the driver. I have deleted and recreated the driver a
couple of times already.

Thank you in advanced

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